Fermenté au Bost

FAB - Bière Double Entendre

Locally produced

Our micro-brewery is located in an old farm house, in Siorac-de-Ribérac (Dordogne), at the edge of the Forêt de la Double in the Périgord.


We brew in small quantities using traditional methods, and our beers are unfiltered and unpasteurised.

Our goal is to produce beer in the most eco-friendly and local way possible. This involves many small choices: raw ingredients, their origins, their delivery methods, packaging materials and recyclability…

Double Entendre ale

This is our flagship beer – a typical British bitter with a little extra ‘je ne sais quoi’. This amber ale has a hoppy fragrance, yet is smooth and almost sweet to the taste and is dangerously drinkable! ABV 5%.

Double Entendre is an English expression made up of French words. We chose this name to represent its origins, in the Double area of the Périgord, where the English-French entente is thriving. As a bilingual duo with a double English-French culture, we feel it suits us well!

Our other beers

As the brewery has only very recently opened (January 2019), we’re only making one beer to start: Double Entendre.

In the future, and more specifically as summer comes back around, other beers will be available – follow us on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) to make sure you don’t miss them!

Where to buy

This section will be regularly updated as we deliver the first bars, restaurants and shops that have chosen to support us as we start out. Huge thanks to them!

Double Entendre is already available at the following places:

  • Le Lavoir, Le Bourg, 24600 Siorac de Ribérac – 05 53 90 25 51
  • Artisio, Le Bourg, 24600 Siorac de Ribérac
  • Le Marché Fermier Anny France, Route de Périgueux, 24600 Ribérac 05 53 90 01 44
  • La Brulerie, rue du 26 mars, 24600 Ribérac
  • Gamm Vert Ribérac, Route de Périgueux, 24600 Ribérac
  • Intermarché Tocane (rayon produits locaux)
  • Le Renard’Tisan, Saint Astier

You can also purchase beers to take away directly from the brewery by making an appointment by email or par phone on 05 64 47 00 24 (we are bilingual in English and French so don’t be shy to speak whichever language you’re comfortable in!) or order online.

L’abus d’alcool est dangereux pour la santé, à consommer avec modération !

Special orders

Interested in some local beer for a birthday, wedding or other special event? Or would you just like to make your beer-savvy friends happy?

Get in touch, we can provide various quantities including 3, 5 or 10 L polypins (that’s roughly 6, 10 or 20 pints), casks for gravity service (roughly 72 pints) or kegs for typical pressure taps.

Please give us as much notice as possible and we may need one or even several weeks to get special orders ready! Prices do of course go down by quantity ordered, including for bottles.